White coat hypertension

Q: I’ve been using the RESPeRATE for 5 months and take Diovan/hctz 160/12.5 . My BP readings have been below normal at home, however the other day at the doctor’s office my BP was 173/92. What advice can you give me regarding “white coat hypertension”?

A: White coat hypertension is a well recognized condition. Clinical studies have shown that regular use of the RESPeRATE can help with this problem. As this does not appear to be the case for you, perhaps you should consider some of the tips mentioned by users in the forum on this topic


such as closing your eyes and focusing on breathing while the cuff is being inflated. As a physician, I have found that taking blood pressure at the end of the visit, rather than the beginning, often gives me more accurate readings in my patients with white coat hypertension.

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