#82 Renal Denervation System (64 non-drug ways to treat high blood pressure).

Renal Denervation system is minimal invasive surgical procedure where catheters are placed into the arteries that feed the kidneys and specially designed wires in catheters that then destroy the nerves that run on the outside of these arteries. It appears that this can be done without causing any damage to the arteries. The results are typically a dramatic, and permanent reduction in blood pressure (30 mm drop in the systolic figure (the top figure) and a 20 mm drop in the bottom figure).  While side effects might exist so far they been shown to be minimal.

Now, this blog is about non-drug methods, and natural methods. Surgery is not my pleasant item list — but this is a promising new lead. But it does raise interesting questions. Could massage, or some other method turn off these same nerves that feed the kidneys? Kidneys have deep connection to our blood pressure. Could health style changes that help the kidneys improve blood pressure? One reason for getting high blood pressure under control is that HBP can cause kidney disease. It also been linked with kidney stones. I’ve had one kidney stone myself …. kidney stones are known to correlate with side-effect of high blood pressure. Gout is another common side-effect of diuretics. It appears that uric acid causes disease including perhaps high blood pressure, and is associated with elevated mortality, and that lowering uric acid, improves significantly health. However, we are hear on the frontier of medicine.



http://forums.homedialysis.org/threads/3316-Kidney-disease-and-massage http://www.thestar.com/news/world/article/1303683–zapping-kidneys-with-radio-waves-could-cure-high-blood-pressure-study-finds



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