About Lower Pressure

Lower Pressure was established to address the need for real, practical solutions to the 24/7 challenge of managing life pressures that result in medical conditions such as high blood pressure, sleeplesness, stress, etc.

Lower Pressure is owned and operated by RESPeRATE Inc., the manufacturer of RESPeRATE

RESPeRATE Inc., a medical device company, is successfully selling the world’s first, FDA-cleared, non-drug, non-invasive hypertension treatment device RESPeRATE.®

RESPeRATE has an exciting product pipeline based on its broadly-patented “Device-Guided Breathing” technology platform. This technology enables a systematic reduction in sympathetic outflow of the autonomic nervous system, one of the key underlying causes of cardiovascular disease, insomnia and several other medical conditions.

Headquartered In Tel-Aviv, Israel, the company founded in 1994 by Dr. Benjamin Gavish and Erez Gavish. Official Website: www.resperate.com/hypertension