#35 Olive Oil (64 Non-Drug ways to lower blood pressure)

Replace regular fat calories with Olive Oil for salads.

There are many articles on the benefits of the Mediterranean diet.  One component of this diet is olive oil.  It turns out that not all fats are equal, and majority of fat in Olive Oil is a monounsaturated fat (healthy fat- does not clog arteries).   I like olive oil for salads.   If you do cook with Olive Oil — as with all oils, try to keep the heat low, and not too hot, and cook for a minimal time.  Oil when cooked undergoes chemical changes that probably reduce benefit of the oil for health purposes.  Despite some Internet sites claims Canola oil appears to be fairly healthy having high portions of good fats, and it is usually lot cheaper than Olive oil.  Furthermore, it might even be better for higher temperature cooking.  Palm, and Coconut oil can withstand temperatures of cooking better, but unfortunately they contain higher levels of saturated fat.  All told, keep down the use of heavier fats and fat based cooking, and use good fats like Olive oil on your salads.


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