Wanting to find natural alternatives to medications.

Q: I am 68 yrs old and until recently, my BP was around 128/60. Now it is at 135-140/72-76 and people tell me I need to take medication. I feel fine – I plan to lose some weight, exercise more, and stop all salt possible and reduce alcohol. Any thoughts and what do you think? Thanks

A: Your blood pressure puts you on the edge of needing treatment. Losing weight and
increasing your exercise are a great idea. Both maintaining a normal weight and having
a regular exercise program help with blood pressure control. Lowering the salt in your
diet may or may not make a difference. There is a fine line between healthy and risky
drinking. Lowering your alcohol consumption will help you lose weight and could keep
you from crossing the line to risky drinking. You also might want to consider using the
RESPeRATE. It has been clinically proven to lower blood pressure without the side effects of medicine.

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