The benefits of using RESPeRATE.

Q: I have been reading about this Resperate. I told my 2 doctors about it. In fact I have 4 doctors (1 cardiologist, 1 internist, 1 neurologist, 1 nephrologist) and they all said how will a machine lower my blood pressure? I am taking 7 medications per day (1 325mg aspirin,1 25mg HCTZ,2 50mg metoprolol1 50mg losartan, 1.5 10mg methimazole, 3 10MEQ SA K-Tabs, 1 40mg simvastatin). These alone costs too much for me, and I imagine this will not go lower than $50 a day, plus this is for life……please give me a very good reason to dispense of my medications or maybe lessen the cost. Thank you very much Dr. Rowena

A: The Resperate has been clinically proven in studies to lower blood pressure.  It has received clearance by the FDA. Originally you needed a prescription from your doctor to use the Resperate.  Simply put, the controlled breathing of the Resperate is like exercise for your blood vessels. It is very possible with regular use of the Resperate, you will be able to either decrease your dose or the number of medications you need to control your blood pressure.  Send us the names and addresses of your physicians and we will send them detailed scientific information about the Resperate.  This information convinced me the Resperate is a legitimate medical treatment for high blood pressure.

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