The benefits and effects of RESPeRATE.

Q: I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension about 6 months ago, (but I knew something was wrong before that, and went to 5-6 Dr.s I was told I had mild COPD, but after 2 heart cath’s , and many other tests, Univ. of Florida Pulmonary dept. said I had some of the highest ‘readings’ they had ever seen. It was another month before they put me on one of the new ‘wonder drugs’ saying “there is no cure for {P.H. but you are lucky as in the last 10 years, there have been many drugs developed that add years to your life. He then started me on CIALIS! I am female , so that usually gets a ‘chuckle’, but have been taking 40 mg.s for about 5 weeks and seem to have more energy, and can even walk from the car back to see the Dr. where I needed a wheelchair before. I can even take a shower without Oxygen now! (I still get ‘winded’ if I exert too much, but do feel better now! My question is, can RESPeRate help me?

A: Pulmonary hypertension is different and much less common than ordinary high blood pressure.  As you mention, it is often treated with drugs popularized for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.  Studies have shown that use of the Resperate affects the blood vessels in the body, including the pulmonary artery.  It is possible that Resperate use may help you.  I suggest you discuss this further with your doctor.  You may want to refer your doctor to this clinical study about Resperate.

For more information on pulmonary hypertension go to this article on The National Center for Biotechnology Information site.

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