Stress and Blood pressure

With job market layoffs and financial crises everywhere, there is a lot that may be stressing us out. Does stress cause high blood pressure? High Blood Pressure as was once thought of as a Taxi Driver disease. There is no conclusive evidence, but we do know that stress causes hormonal spikes that can have dramatic effects on health. It is entirely possible that job stress, economic stress could be a factor in high blood pressure.

Supposing that stress is a factor, what can we do? The good book suggests that we put our trust in God, He looks after the sparrows, He will look after us. The law of attraction folks would say, that by focusing on our stress, we create stress — we attract problems and difficulties into a our life. We certainly don’t want that.

Worry wastes energy, and does nothing productive. Take productive steps to lower your stress in life, do what you can to get your finances in order, get lots of sleep, keep moderate exercise, eat well and keep a positive attitude on the job.  It is also truly amazing how much we can simplify our life. Sell off stuff you don’t need, make the old car last another year, have a simple vacation,  make a big deal out of little ice cream and movie on DVD. Maximize the positive benefits of the small things you can influence.

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