Stopping meds in fear of low blood pressure.

Q: I am a 43yr old male and have been diagnosed with HBP since 1999.Currently it ranges between 120/76-128/82. I take my drugs regularly but of recent I have decided to skip a day when it gets to 120/72 for fear of it getting to LP. Therefore, instead of taking my drugs daily now I usually skip a day in between. Is that decision ok medically?

A: You should discuss this with your doctor. It is better to take medicine as it is prescribed. I do not know if you have made significant life style changes that would allow your medicines to be decreased or stopped. Let your doctor know if you are having any symptoms of low blood pressure such as light headedness or dizziness. To learn more about symptoms of low blood pressure go to this page at the U.S. National Library of Medicine site.

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