Side Effects of Drugs Hindering Natural Approaches

( by Don T.) — First, I’d like to inform you that having a diagnosis of hypertension at 35 was overwhelming, especially during a visit to my doctor when I had a bout of Pneumonia (blood pressure was at 170/90).

I had never considered high blood pressure to be an issue in my life. I have always been physically active and within normal weight range (I was, however, a smoker at the time.) So one of the first questions I asked was, “Do I have to take these for the rest of my life?” To that, I was told, “Probably.” In retrospect, I wasn’t even offered the option or chance to help myself, which was disappointing to say the very least.

Here I am 4 years later and having gone through all the high blood pressure info I can read or hear, and the side-effects of a few “staple” drugs meant to treat the condition. I still feel that my doctors do not really “hear” my concerns. My goal has always been to reduce my BP naturally through diet & exercise, but alas the side-effects have been a hindrance to my efforts.

Just like many who are prescribed those drugs, I too feel, that it seems like a plot to keep me on those drugs. And if there are any complaints, I am then switched again to the next available medicine for high blood pressure.

The dizzy spells, the lack of “spark” in my attitude and body are becoming part of my life that I do not like or feel are necessary. It’s high-time I tried a new approach.

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