Should I Go on More Meds While Waiting to See if RESPeRATE Will Work For Me?

Q: I have had my Resperate for just over a week, and use it every day. I took my BP and it is still 179/68.

I know it is too early to expect results, but my GP wants to double my Amlodipine and add another med. I am not happy with this and really do not want to go down this road.  If the diastolic is not too high, is that the most important reading?  It seems to me that the systolic is the one that needs to go down, and I’m not sure if Amlodipine is the drug to do it.

I am a lady of 68, very worried, anxious and confused!  I have tried to talk to GP but she says (in a kind way) I should just ‘do as I am advised or risk a stroke’ .  I like using Resperate – the whole thing is wonderful.   Please God it works for me.   Thank You!
A: Systolic pressure is just as important as diastolic pressure.  Both numbers need to be controlled. It is more common for older people to have isolated systolic high blood pressure.  You should let your doctor know you have started to use the Resperate .

I do not know enough about your health problems to give you advise about your risk of getting a stroke while you are waiting for the full blood pressure lowering effect from regular Resperate use.

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