Salty meals impair blood flow in just 30 minutes–study

(The Med Guru) — High intake of salt is a major cause of poor blood circulation that can lead to both hardening of the arteries and high blood pressure, claims a novel study.

According to researchers, a single salty meal has the ability to stifle the supply of blood through our body within just half an hour of eating.

Scientists from a group of research organisations in Adelaide in Australia stated, “This study showed the amount of salt similar to that in a commonly eaten meal impairs blood flow in healthy men and women. The mechanisms for this need to be investigated more intensively.”

Effect of dietary salt on blood vessel function assessed
In order to assess the effect of dietary salt intake on blood vessel function, the researchers conducted a study.

They enrolled 16 healthy adults who were asked to consume a test meal containing four grams of salt and then low salt food with just 0.3 grams of sodium.


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