Reducing medications once blood pressure is under control.

Q: I have been on a few BP meds for many years (acebutolol-400×2), (lisinopril-20×2), (Hydrochlorthiazide-25), (amlodipine besylate-10)… my readings are now typically running 125-135/62-72 p51-59 (my sugars are also normal with 4.5 before dinner)…. My question is can I start thinking about a reduction in meds and get my life back!?

A: Have you made any change in your life style that would warrant consideration of decreasing your medications? Usually when it takes three drugs to control your blood pressure, you are in a difficult to control group. Most doctors would be reluctant to change a program that is working unless significant changes have occurred. An example of a significant change would be getting weight into a normal range.

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