People formed a reliable and enough time-name reference to brand new frog, which is a frequent parasocial relationship

People formed a reliable and enough time-name reference to brand new frog, which is a frequent parasocial relationship

The brand new partial-planned interviews definition provided three head parts: basic recommendations, the brand new desire to possess and you can experience of to experience Travel Frog, and private life position and you will social matchmaking. Inside the very first advice part, private information in addition to decades, work, city of residence, digital video game needs and game-to tackle records is actually gathered. On 2nd area, interviewees responded concerns particularly “How do you discover more about the game?”, “As to the reasons do you get involved in it?”, “What did you consider the frog regarding the video game?”, “Did you actually find it since your pet/friend/partner/guy?”, “As to the reasons or you need to?”, and you will “Have you overlooked it?” The 3rd part of the interview was considering interviewees’ answers in the last area so you’re able to ask to their actual-lifetime condition. Particularly, in the event your interviewee told you Traveling Frog made them feel at ease, we could possibly query if or not he/she sensed troubled indeed and also the way to obtain the pressure. Whenever they said they enjoyed the approach to life of your own frog inside the the second part, we would let them take a look at their latest lives and explain its ideal existence, an such like. The particular interviews is according to research by the interviewees’ responses, and the interviewer continued asking questions to query much deeper for the this new interviewees’ answers.


According to the interview content, i learned that really interviewees first downloaded the fresh new app and you may first started playing in order to follow a personal trend and you will display a familiar knowledge of family unit members. It failed to value new frog regarding online game because the a great man initially, but stumbled on do so over time because they played the newest games. After repeated encounters to the frog, interviewees reported that it respected and you will preferred the new frog’s illustrated lives, and how it appeared to connect with professionals. The newest psychological wedding and you may comprehension of the new frog didn’t arise from the certain communication throughout the video game but, instead, the new interpretation and creative imagination of one’s people. Furthermore, the latest players’ feelings for the and you will opinions of the frog were not restricted to the latest Travelling Frog video game, however, lengthened your outside the game. It estimated its expectations of traditions freely on the experience of the newest frog, and you can planned to keeps comparable dating along with their mothers otherwise youngsters, making it possible for the participants to consider the newest frog as their guy. We illustrate two reason players viewed the latest frog as their child: in order to project this new promise out of way of life freely and to display their assumption out-of a fantastic father or mother-man relationship.

Projecting the newest Pledge of Way of life Easily

As reform of your markets procedure inside the China, young people has experienced alot more particular risks, but the government has not yet observed a complete hobbies program and personal security measures to help with personal innovation. The person need trust himself or by herself.

For the advent of monetary rationality, the fresh new reputation and you can intent behind assets features substantially enhanced, and property possession is one of the most important components a good lifestyle (Wu, 2016). Brand new role of financial base in marriage has become increasingly obvious in both rural and you will towns. The fresh new bride-to-be rates inside the rural areas was increasing annual. In the urban areas, potential partners are essential to own a car or truck and property ahead of ). Moreover, for many young people who aren’t regional people inside the a good area, once they need to receive local urban hukou, that gives usage of public properties and social interests, they are required to get a home (Lui, 2017; Nie XING, 2011). Large pricing force these people to your workplace hard and you may undertake overtime try sites de rencontres musulmanes to take care of jobs balance in the face of unemployment and strong battle (B. Liu, Chen, Yang, Hou, 2019). Although not, teenagers investigation tough or functions overtime not simply because of the cost regarding way of living and you may development will cost you, as well as for their standards on their own.

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