Many cholesterol patients don’t take drugs

( — There are significant differences between those diagnosed with high cholesterol and those with high cholesterol and hypertension, U.S. researchers say.

Jessica Brueggeman, director of behavioral services at MicroMass Communications in Cary, N.C., says despite these differences, one striking similarity is evident — neither group is very good at taking cholesterol-lowering medications as prescribed.

Patients with high cholesterol alone perceive high cholesterol as influenced more by heredity than by poor eating and exercise habits, and are less likely to see the benefits of taking cholesterol-lowering medications, Brueggeman says.

“This group is self-motivated and likes to feel in control, so it’s vital to convince them that high cholesterol is a serious health threat that can precipitate even more serious health conditions if not treated effectively, then demonstrate how compliance with prescribed therapy, along with changes in diet and exercise, is the proven route to effective treatment,” she says.


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