Link between bp and pulse rate.

Q: Is there a direct causal-link between blood pressure and pulse rate? It seems that when I lower my pulse rate (to under 50-bpm), by sitting very calmly in the morning, then I get higher blood pressure readings than when
my heart-rate is more “normal” (about 65-bpm). At the more “normal” pulse rate, my blood pressure readings are also more “normal”, although still on the high side (145/85)

A: Typically your heart rate, or pulse, increases with activity and decreases with rest. This does not always happen. For example, you need to run away from a bad situation. Both your heart rate and blood pressure will go up. On the other hand, you are a coach potato. You have normal blood pressure but your resting heart rate is high because you are not in good physical condition. The normal range for the pulse in an adult is 60 to 100.

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