How to Achieve Positive Results with Resperate?

Q:  It’s been 2 weeks and I have not seen any results with my Resperate and I find it difficult to follow the breathing exercises.  What should I do?

A:  Resperate takes at least 3-6 weeks of consistent usage before a user sees a drop in their blood pressure. No matter how often the user uses the device each day it will take him/her 3 – 6 weeks to see positive results. It is important to give Resperate the time it needs to work effectively.  Not only, does the user need to give it 3 – 6 weeks, but also to use the device at least 4 times a week for 15 minutes each time.

Resperate lowers blood pressure by teaching users to regulate their natural breathing pattern, which takes time to get use to.  Through regulated breathing the muscles around the users small blood vessels will dilate and relax, and then blood flows more freely. When the blood flows freely, blood pressure decreases.  Since it is not always simple to learn to breath differently, we recommend that users, at first, use the device once a day so that they can gradually get use to the breathing technique and avoid frustration.  Within 4 – 6 weeks users become accustomed to breathing differently during their 15-minute session and even find it simple and very therapeutic.

The Resperate support team is always available to coach users on how best to use the device and what steps are required to achieve positive results.



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