How to Achieve an Accurate Blood Pressure Reading?

Q:  How do you achieve the most accurate Blood Pressure readings in general and when using Resperate?

A:  In general, to get the most accurate blood pressure readings, take your blood pressure at that same time each day that you choose to measure your blood pressure.  It does not matter if you measure your blood pressure in the morning, afternoon, or at night, but you must be consistent with the time you take your blood pressure.

The standards set for blood pressure were based on readings taken while in a seated position and while using the left arm.  Therefore, it is best to follow the standards in order to be able to effectively compare your readings and understand if and how your blood pressure is progressing.

The most effective position is sitting quietly in a chair for five minutes with both feet resting on the floor.  Take the measurement on your left arm and make sure your arm is comfortably supported, and not suspended.  Keep in mind that the goal of taking a blood pressure measurement is to get a reading at a time in the day that most likely represents your blood pressure the majority of the day.   Therefore, choose a time during the day that is representative of your typical daily activities, and not after unusual activities. Don’t take your blood pressure immediately after exercising, arguing, or coming home from a horrendous day at work.

If you own a Resperate, take a reading before usage for an accurate reading.  After usage, your pressure will most probably show a much better reading than before usage of Resperate, because of the devices immediate soothing and calming effect.  Therefore, after usage will not give you a proper indication on how your blood pressure is progressing.


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