He said the site remained the club “spiritual home”

“For us to try and run that at this time of the year in the current drought conditions, we were worried if we advertised the steam train and took bookings and got a total fire ban and couldn run it, we look like idiots,” Mr Cheeseman said. In 2017, thieves stole crucial parts from the locomotive which left it inoperable.The museum had closed in November 2016, when its freight operation intended to subsidise expensive heritage train trips failed owing $700,000.Auctioneers sold off former exhibits and scrap metal in August 2017, but Mr Cheeseman said the museum still had a third of its exhibits and the new management had worked closely with the liquidator to keep the most important items.”We’ve focused on going back to what we see as the core activity, which is the museum itself. We’re certainly not getting into commercial freight or anything like that,” Mr Cheeseman said.Canberra Railway Museum director John Cheeseman in a Southern Aurora dining car from 1950.

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Canada Goose Online The application follows Planning Minister Mick Gentleman late last year calling in a development application to build a new media centre at the oval, to meet International Cricket Council requirements. Club president Mike Kinniburgh said if the application was approved, the club was considering either redeveloping the block into a potentially $45 million mixed use project, a “rubbery figure”, or selling it. He said the site remained the club “spiritual home” and if developed, it could include residential development, a new club and restaurant, significant car parking, offices and meeting spaces and possibly a small gym. Canada Goose Online

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