Food vs. Marine D3 & Other Supplements

Q:  What is the Doctor’s opinion on taking Marine D3 supplements or supplements in general to lower HBP?

A:  If you eat a balanced healthy diet, you should not need to take a supplement.  More and more studies are showing that ingredients in foods are not quite the same when formed into a supplement.  Typically, supplements have not undergone the same tough clinical trials as drugs to prove both that they work and do not have bad side effects.  This does not mean supplements don’t help, just that good studies aren’t available to show that they do.  Because of this, I personally would rather spend my money on the freshest food available that contains the primary ingredient of the supplement.  For example, salmon is a good source of Omega-3’s and vitamin D.

Marine D3 is a vitamin D, omega-3 oil, and seaweed based supplement that claims to lower blood pressure and help slow aging.  To read what an independent laboratory has to say about it follow this link:



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