February: The Month for a Healthier Heart

(TopNews.us) — Apart from being the month that has the Valentine’s Day, the month of February also happens to be observed as the Heart Health Month. As the name suggests, the month is noted to improve cardiovascular health, among both, men and women.

According to statistics available with the American Heart Association, the total numbers of women, for whom heart diseases prove to be fatal in America, have been estimated to be around 33%. Meanwhile, in comparison merely one in thirty women die because of breast cancer.

Despite the surmountable risk that women are at, because of heart diseases, a large number of them don’t take any kind of precautions. The very urgency to increase awareness about heart diseases increases in the country, as the numbers of women suffering them swell day by day.

The one good thing about this whole phenomenon is that the chances of women develop heart diseases can be reduced very easily. It has been stated by the American Heart Association that women can reduce their chancing of developing a cardiac condition by a massive 80% by eating right and being physically active.


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