Eating Celery to Lower Blood Pressure

(by Frank) — I have been living with high blood pressure for a number of years. I am 78 years old. I ran into Dr. Julian Whitaker through a flyer that I received in the mail. In that flyer, I found out that celery(3-n butyl pathelide)would help lower your blood pressure.

Dr. Whitaker is a graduate of Emory Medical school. Also, my cardiologist is a graduate of Emory Medical School. From time to time, I would talk to my cardiologist about taking natural things for my blood pressure. The only thing he recommended was garlic I would mention to him about celery, but he never said a thing about it yet both Doctors were graduates of Emory Medical School.

I got the feeling that he wanted me to take medication that had side effects. One day, I had a quite high blood pressure problem (178/98) and decided to go buy some celery at the farmer’s market and try it. I bought a couple of bunches and ate one whole bunch of celery. After eating one whole bunch of celery, I took my blood pressure, and it was 112/60. I was telling a CVS pharmacy technician about it, and she told me that her grandmother whom she lived with knew about celery and blood pressure along time ago.

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