Can thyroid medication raise blood pressure?

Q: I have thyroid cancer and my thyroid was completely removed 9 years ago with one radioactive Iodine Isulation. I have been taking levoxycl but still watch my BP rise and pulse fast. I feel it has some relation to the medication but my doctors don’t seem to agree and want to put me on BP medicine. I don’t want to take a medicine to counter another medicine. I am also reading it can do damage to the heart. Do you have any advice? Would the RESPeRATE help?

A: Not all thyroid medications are the same. Switching thyroid medication brands may result in new symptoms. You need to talk to your doctor and make sure you are getting your usual medication. High blood pressure needs to be treated. The RESPeRATE has been clinically proven in studies to lower blood pressure. Depending upon your blood pressure readings, your doctor may want you to initiate treatment with this device.

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