Balancing a Healthy Sex Life & BP Levels

Q: About 6 months ago my husband was diagnosed with high blood pressure at the age of 48. We were surprised since my husband is in great shape, does not smoke, and eats really well….healthy living has always been a big part of our lifestyle. Given my husband’s healthy lifestyle, our family doctor immediately placed him on medication and since our sex life has been problematic due to my husband suffering from erectile dysfunction. We don;t know what to do since his blood pressure has gone down a bit – still not good enough – but our sex life seems tobe going down with it. Advise please?

A: Blood pressure medicines are known to affect sexual performance as a side effect. This is why I recommend the Resperate, the only FDA Cleared natural high blood pressure reducer. The device is clinically tested and proven to reduce blood pressure and there are no side effects, including erectile dysfunction. You can learn more about this unique product at What is RESPeRATE? – You can also use Resperate while still on medication. Maybe you can encourage your husband to speak with the doctor about this alternative solution to lower high blood pressure.

I hope this was helpful & good luck.

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