#86 Figs (64 non-drug ways to lower blood pressure)

Figs are high in fibre, and minerals.  They also contain essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6. Furthermore, there is  phytosterol in dried figs,  which help in reducing cholesterol.  I haven’t seen fig leaves for sale, but they appear to also have unique health benefits.

It is interesting that there are several kinds of figs, Calimyrna with golden skin, Mission fig (dark purple), and Kadota fig. The Brown Turkey fig  (copper colored) is seen most of the time in the fresh markets.
Figs also have polyphenols, which due to antioxidant activity, contribute to healthy arteries.

I haven’t used a lot of figs, but I have used dried apricots — and they do seem to help, although not as much as water melon.  Still another power food to add to blood pressure fight.



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