#84 Watermelon and Sardines (64 non-drug ways to lower blood pressure)

My mother told me about article she read in the scientific american on NO (Nitric Oxide) production in the body, and its role in High blood pressure. At the bottom of the article apparently was add about some Canadian company Neogensis.  Anyway, I got reading about this from neogensis web site, asked my pharmacist about it. He brought back, some information that said you must not eat watermelon with most high blood pressure medication, because it lowers your blood pressure too much! I thought wow… maybe there is something too this. The other key food it turns out is sardines. Apparently they are also loaded in L-Citrulline.

My first title for this blog was going to be … L-Citrulline and L-Arginine Boasting NO production but I thought that sounds too much like a drug. Citrulline is a compound found in melons, plays a role in the Nitric Oxide production, that allows smooth muscles in the body to relax. To really simplify the biochemistry think of Cirtrulline as substance that breaks down into L-Arginine in the body , which is in on the pathway of NO production. Now, one might think that taking L-Arginine would have the same effect, it does not, apparently for NO levels, L-Cirtrulline is 10 times stronger — so obviously the pathway is more complex than first meets the eye. Besides supplements for L-Citrulline , the best foods are watermelon, fish, turkey and chicken

Anyway, to make a long story short, a number of people have found that L- citrulline works. And if you don’t want to pay for supplements, you can just eat water melon and sardines. Now, I’ve been trying watermelon for a week, alternating, a slice of watermelon one day and a can of sardines the next. I’ve noticed a definite improvement in my blood pressure. It seems to be working! The L-citrulline supplements seems pretty pricey, I want a supplement that cheaper than my high blood pressure medicine and more effective. But I think this is really unto something. I might break down and try buying some supplements someday, but for now I’m happy to just eat more watermelon and sardines.  The difficulty at the moment seems to be that there hasn’t been enough research on this …. long term effects, and possible side effects. Meanwhile since I love both water melon and sardines …. let me munch away.










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