#81 Autogenic Training (64 non-drug ways to lower blood pressure).

What is autogenic training? Autogenic Therapy, was originally developed by the German Neuro-Psychiatrist Dr. Johannes Schultz in the 1920s.   Roughly,  Autogenic training (AT) is a technique that teaches your body to relax  to your mental commands. These commands “tell” your body to relax and control breathing, blood pressure, heartbeat, and body temperature.   Some individuals have claimed spectacular health benefits results from autogenics, others do not experience any improvement.  Some have suggested that effectiveness of AT might be a kind of placebo effect, if the patient and/or doctor believe it works it does.   Others feel that there is something deeper going on here.  Whenever we relax, or whenever we are happy, we release various substances into our body, and these substances can have powerful effects on your biological and even genetic expression.  For example, loving someone and giving someone a hug, can cause a short burst of Oxytocin release.  Relaxation, may have similar sorts of substance releases that may in the case of stress induced high blood pressure be highly effective.   AT positive effects may have common basis with various forms of meditation, hypnosis, progressive muscle relaxation, yoga, resperate breathing and many other forms of relaxation.

Autogenics has been used for a wide range of conditions besides hypertension with some people reporting success in anxiety attacks, arthritis, cerebral palsy, diabetes, depression, headaches, and various kinds of pain.  Given that autogenics induces a restful state of mind, and attempts to help the body heal itself,  perhaps it not surprising that some health benefits may be induced.

I’ve tried some autogenic exercises, but I haven’t consistently done it for several weeks as is suggested nor really applied myself to learn fully the procedures.  All relaxation techniques appear to have some positive  effects on my blood pressure.


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