#80 adopt I’ll do whatever it takes attitude

The other day, I was reading this story about this lady.  She was 27 years old, with two small children, and she was having problems.  She finally went to emergency and refused to leave, ( after 36 hours) a doctor gave her a CAT scan, and they discovered a huge tumor on her brain stem.  The doctor gave her only a few weeks to leave.  She however, talked another doctor into giving her double chemo therapy.  Unfortunately it didn’t work.   Still determined – she contacted every alternative health care provider, and read every book on beating cancer she could find.   Soon she was juicing, fasting, mediating. eating herbs, and everything else that was suggested.   Much to doctor’s amazement, she hung on for 6 months – with this tumor causing her kinds of trouble.  She had a constant headaches, she was dizzy, she had night mares.  Still, she continued to expand her efforts.  Then, amazingly the tumor after 6 months began  to shrink, and it shrunk, shrunk, shrunk.  After 2 years it disappeared.  Apparently she still living 40 years later.     Her secret — do what ever it takes.  If they said to lose weight she lost weight, if they said to eat a certain kind of food she did it.  Also, she took charge of her health, she made the calls, she demanded action, attention, and care.

Perhaps high blood pressure doesn’t seem like such a big deal, but it really is, we need to adopt I’ll do whatever it takes attitude to overcome it.  Buy resperate machine,  eat mushrooms, lose weight, cut back on salt, take medication, etc.   If an inoperable aggressive brain tumor can be beaten, why not high blood pressure.   The secret is not to just dabble, but to give it 100%, do whatever it takes.



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