#78 Diet free Dieting

A number of doctors have over the years understood that dieting was actually bad for the health.  Indeed, they realized that each time a person dieted, when they went off the diet, they regained the weight they lost and usually put on more.  This yo-yo dieting was puzzling. The thinking began to be that body decides itself, when we are hungry, and how much we should eat, and it sets our weight.  Since our weight is connected to our blood pressure, perhaps a similar thing may be happening with our blood pressure.
The slow breathing of a machine like Resperate, may be resetting our internal blood pressure levels.  Could we in some way also reset our internal fat level ?

I listened to a webinar recently by Jon Gabriel, the author of the book the Gabriel Method.  Reading the book by him, has reconfirmed the obvious, dieting doesn’t work.  A number of years ago Gabriel was vastly overweight, and he struggled to try to reduce his weight, then he had this insight, his body was “wanting him to be fat”.  He began to wonder how could he reduce his body weight, how could he convince his body that he need not be fat.  The first thing, would be to naturally stop starving.  The body would naturally interpret starving as a famine, and therefore program itself to put on maximum weight when food does become available, it would also drive the body to eat.  He likened this force to like trying to stop breathing, after a couple of minutes your body starts telling you in no uncertain terms that you have to breath.  Similarly, imagine trying to stop drinking water, your body would react, and your thirst would become a driving force.  Your body needs water, to survive, it would tell you in no uncertain terms you need to get water.

Gabriel therefore understood that will-power is losing approach to weight control.  Not only, are we programmed to lose, even if we do stick it out, it doing us no good, it only causing us to gain more weight. So, the alternative is to convince the body to lose weight.  Gabriel method includes a number of ideas such as (1) visualization, (2) high quality foods (3) short intense exercise (4) dealing with emotional & mental causes of obesity, (5) eating foods that turn off the FAT programs (6) toxic reduction , etc.

So, the new method is power of visualization, and the technique of diet free dieting.  Eat higher quality food, live food, less processed food, reduce sugars, reduce chemicals in your food, deal with emotional stresses that may be making you fat.   Losing weight is one way to help your high blood pressure, and similar taking a “reset” your blood pressure level approach to high blood pressure will help.  I may explore this more in future posts.

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