69. Cuddling (64 Non-Drug ways to lower blood pressure)

The human skin is amazing organ, it is known that there is amazing human response to being touched.  When we are touched it stimulates us, creates sense of well-being .  Even having a dog or cat to hug, and pet, is a form of touch too.  The animal will snuggle up towards one.  Even better is a life partner, that special person, your mate.  The benefits of having a cuddle, can be powerful.

I firmly believe that the toxic stress of life, and its high blood pressure impacts can be washed away by the power of human touch, cuddling, and human bonding.  Nothing like a good back rub to wash away the stress of toxic day at work.

Science unfortunately hasn’t caught up completely with how all this works, and how well it works.  But it seems to work for me.  One of the big stressors many jobs create is that they separate us from our partners.  Military persons, truck drivers, even shift work can break that natural rhythm of touch.  Touch is the foundation of health.

So does it work to lower blood pressure.  It seems to help for me…. not exactly scientific, but worth a try.


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