#61 Chicken Soup (64 nondrug ways to reduce blood pressure)

Most commercial soups are full of chemicals, flavour enhancers, MSG, salt and other things you probably don’t want in your diet.  However, if you are willing to make your own chicken soup, from some roasted or baked chicken, it probably a great thing.  Apparently the chicken meat contains collagens that act like a natural ACE drug.   I love chicken soup, perhaps the only problem is that one doesn’t often have a lot of cooked chicken sitting around to make chicken soup with.  I usually have a good vegetable base, some broccoli,  cauliflower, onion, and a little potato as a starter for the soup.  Put all together along with some cooked chicken (cut into small pieces)  and water, bring to boil for 30 minutes and presto — delicious chicken soup. Don’t put salt in your soup, the chicken meat naturally will have more than enough salt to flavour it.

Does it reduce blood pressure?  Ok, I’ve tried measuring my blood pressure on days before and after consumption of chicken soup.  I didn’t notice any difference, over short period, but supposedly, if you were to have chicken soup for enough days in a row, it would start to work.   I do believe that eating soup, helps cut calories and maintain better weight, improves your digestion, and just plain good for health.   If it also helps cut blood pressure, what a great idea!


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