# 60 Hypnotherapy (64 non-drug ways to lower blood pressure)

I couldn’t find any studies that actually proved that hypnotherapy works for lowering BP.  Despite this, I think there may be something too it.  After all, when hypotized folks have been operated without medication and seem to experience no pain, it would seem that a little relaxation and lower blood pressure ought to be easy in comparison.  So, what is hypnosis?  You probably seen a hypnosis show where they get folks to lay down across the tops of two chairs straight as board over open air,  or where the hypnotizer gets members of audience to enter a play like state and pretend all sorts of things, like they are dating a girl, or that they eating a sour lemon ( when actually it is an apple).   Hypnosis state is kind of spooky, it is like a child like state of make-believe.  Another way to view hypnosis, is that, it is a just state of being susceptible to suggestions.  So, if someone has ever suggested something to you, and you responded, you were technically, hypnotized, even if only a  little.  Hypnotic state is a form of a conscious state characterized by focused attention, heightened suggestibility and vivid fantasies.  So, could it be possible to hypnosis yourself, or have someone hypnotize you so that your blood pressure goes down and stays down?   Why not?

If self-hypnosis is  just a matter of giving ourselves suggestions, then it might be called a form of self-talk.  Suggest to ourselves, that stress isn’t so bad, that we really should relax, that world is great place.  I’ve never really had great success with this approach, but I can’t say it hurt either, sometimes it seems to help to just do a little positive self-talk.  “ I can do it.  I am peace.  I am restful.  This activity going to be easy.  It getting easier and easier every time I do this.   Even though I’m a little bit worried about this, I’m getting more confident each time.”


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