#57 B1 and B vitamins

B1 vitamin appears to be critical in combating diabetes, and diabetes is linked to high blood pressure problems. Whether B1 vitamin can help in controlling blood pressure is unknown.  The January 17-2006 issue of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology reports that 30% of hospitalized patients taking diuretics (water pills) were deficient in thiamine (vitamin B1).  Whether this was caused by the diuretics or related to the high blood pressure is unknown.  Foods rich in the B vitamins should be part of every diet.   B3 vitamin is thought by some to have direct impact on blood pressure.   Unfortunately, the B vitamins to reach maximum benefit need to be properly balanced.  This can be difficult with supplements – natural food is the best.

Grains, meats, sunflower seeds, pork, bran cereal, peas, fish, beef, liver, ham, peanuts, almonds, macaroni, rice, bread, lima beans, corn, broccoli, potato, orange juice, orange, avocado, dried beans, oatmeal, milk and dried yeast are all rich in B vitamins.

I take B1 supplements occasionally, and try to eat foods rich in B1.


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