#55 Breathing through the nose (64 non-drug ways to lower BP)

Apparently breathing though the nose raises the amount NitroOxide (NO) in the blood. I’ve read that  the nasal sinuses are major producers Nitric oxide production. Inhaling though the nose apparently helps to provide a steady, high supply of NO gas. If so,  NO relaxes the blood vessels and lowers the blood pressure.   Breathing through the nose has others benefits – our noses filter the air and increase moisture content. Furthermore, it seems that nose breathing promotes a deeper diaphragm type of breathing that better regulates our carbon dioxide, and oxygen levels.  Some researchers have suggested that nose breathing results in better oxygen to our heart, and body cells, promoting better health.  Part of this may be that nose breathing imposes approximately 50 percent more resistance to the air stream, slowing down breathing and increasing O2 uptake.  A nice side benefit from consistent mouth breathing may be less snoring during the night – as we train our body to nose breath.  NO produced by the nose maybe kills bacteria, which may be its main reason for it, and another benefit or reason to train yourself to mouth breath.

Now you may find that you have stuffed nose, or only one side of your nose seems open.  This situation of breathing through alternate sides of the nose appears to have natural mechanism. Inside of each nostril are large ridges called turbinates. When the inner lining of one side of your nose fills up with pollutants, the blood vessels inside the turbinates enlarge.  It is this swelling of the nose that forces you to breathe through the other side of your nose. Then small hairs called cilia in the lining of your nose sweep the mucous back to the mouth where you swallow them and they pass harmlessly from your body. Amazingly it appears that the body will switch nostrils through it own control mechanisms.   Further side benefits of breathing through the nose are lower pollutants to the lungs, less infections, including sinus infections. I’ve tried this nose breathing, and I’m starting to take it more seriously.  It seems to help.


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