#31. A small aspirin (64 nondrug ways to lower blood pressure).

My doctor recommends daily aspirin to many of his patients as a general protection for heart disease problems.  Some studies have suggested that taking aspirin at night may help lower blood pressure more than taking aspirin in the morning.  So, a general recommendation may go something like, before you go to bed take 50mg one week on  and then rest a week and don’t take any. Regardless, talk to your doctor.  I’ve found that if I’ve exercised, and hurting all over, an aspirin is truly a wonder drug.  It also works great for those flu and cold situations.  Teenagers however, need to be very careful taking it for flu/sore throat symptoms, aspirin can in some cases be a killer.

Yes, strictly speaking aspirin is a drug, and a powerful drug at that.  I read somewhere that aspirin would never now be approved as over the counter drug, but only historic development allows it to be so.  As with all drugs, use with caution, and keep your doctor informed.


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