#26 Acupuncture (62 nondrug ways of lowering blood pressure)

There are some folks that claim acupuncture has done remarkable things, like cure high blood pressure.  As for me, the mere thought of a needle puts up my blood pressure, let alone putting a few dozen in my body, and then twisting them around.    So, I can say, I have definitely not tried this one.

The fact that acupuncture does work according to some studies, indicates that maybe EFT works — which is #23. If acupuncture works there may be points on the body if rubbed or touched that may lower blood pressure also.  In the last hundred years, and in particular last twenty years, extensive brain mapping, indicates that there are interesting map points in the brain to various body parts.  Phantom limb pain, has highlighted some of these conditions, and shown that sometimes strokes on completely unrelated body parts can create sensation of touching the phantom limbs.  Similarly, it is possible that simulation on various body points, may affect, nerve systems that control blood pressure.

I believe that with another 50 years or research, modern science may understand more fully acupuncture, and these types of techniques for health work.  Meanwhile, explore things like EFT (emotional freedom technique), acupuncture, and my favorite, some good old fashion body rubs and touching.  At the end of the day, some nice gentle touching, rubbing, has got to create a powerful health benefit.



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