#23. Practice EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) (62 non-drug methods to treat high blood pressure)

I hunted for some scientific study on EFT  and blood pressure, but can up with nothing definite.  So, is this pseudo science?  Perhaps.

Still, many folks claim that EFT works for them, and perhaps it is one of those things that science doesn’t yet understand.  Why would a few tapping on various parts of the body, and some self-affirmations work on such range of things including blood pressure?

Is this really a non-needle version of acupuncture? Could it be that we are emotional creatures, and our emotions do flow from deep in our brain.  By stimulating the body, and using appropriate self-affirmations, it entirely possible that we can change our brain responses, and create new body responses.

Suppose you have an anxiety.  When you measure your anxiety level and start tapping, the tapping process distracts you from the anxiety, and it also produces a pleasurable stimulation.  A few moments later, your anxiety level is lower.  Meanwhile, you flooding your brain with positive thoughts, “even though I have high blood pressure, I’m a good person, and my blood pressure is coming down.  I’m not feeling as stressed as I was, I am relaxing more and more.”  This combination of simulation, distraction, and a touch of self-hypnosis, creates a feedback system that does for many people lower stress, cause deep relaxation.

I’ve used EFT successfully for all kinds of problems from allergic reactions, to sports injury recovery and I’ve found that it is simple, cheap and often effective.  Sure you can load up on pain killer, or you can try 5 minutes of tapping.   Perhaps the entire EFT thing is placebo effect, if we believe that it works, it does.  Who cares, if it works it works!  I can say that I haven’t had a lot of success treating high blood pressure with EFT.    Still, I think it is a valuable tool in the personal kit of things to use, and if your BP coming from some sort of stress, whether pain from an injury or work or relationships, it is definitely worth a try.


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