#17 Swimming (62 non drug ways to reduce blood pressure)

Swimming is excellent exercise and even in gentle swimming the water pressure gives the entire body a cardio vascular workout.  1 hour a week or ideally if you an manage it and 1 hour a day would be even better.   It doesn’t work in all climates and not all folks have access to affordable swimming facilities.  But, it has enormous benefits.  Give it some thought, and try it out.  One benefit of swimming is that water supports your weight lowering risk of joint and muscle injury.

I found that warts on feet picked up from pools can be problem and in the winter it almost impossible in our -40C climate to get dry enough to go back outside.  But, despite this, I often believe that swimming is an  incredible health promoter … and yes an hour of swimming does wonders for blood pressure, sleep and host of other things.  Perhaps there should be more studies of it.


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