#15 Take a half-hour relaxing hot bath once a week (62 non-drug ways to reduce bloodpressure)

High tension and high stress over prolonged periods of time seem to set our hypertension switches higher.  The thought is that if we can lower our stress levels, and learn to relax more deeply, that we lower our blood pressure, and perhaps even reset the blood pressure level to lower value.  

Certainly most studies have found that relaxation provides a temporary blood pressure reduction.  But does it provide any protection once you get back active again?   That’s hard to say, simple studies haven’t found much benefit, but then again when we relax, we tend to breathe slower, and slow breathing has been shown to provide long term blood pressure reductions.  So, perhaps the primary benefit from relaxation techniques comes from the naturally slower breathing that relaxation brings about.

Naturally a hot bath, open ups the blood vessels near the surface of the body and should therefore help in reducing blood pressure.  Put the two together and you have that hot bath with some relaxation can help lower blood pressure.  And, while you are in the tub, you might try a little slower breathing, totally relaxing.   On nights when I don’t do resperate I often spend the time in the tub, and enjoy a little slow breathing and total relaxation.

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