#10 Eat Mushrooms (54! non drug ways to lower your bloodpressure )

Have one portion of mushrooms per day.

I remember thinking when I was young that mushrooms were kind of a junk food.  They lived off dead stuff did they not, and then there was all this warning about mushrooms being poisonous and so on.  I also wasn’t particularly fond of most mushrooms, maybe it is guy thing.  But, when I was struggling with high blood pressure, I read somewhere that mushrooms were good, so I started to read up on them.  What I discovered is that mushrooms are actually a great food.   White button mushrooms have significant amounts  protein, potassium, copper and selenium.     While some mushrooms can be pretty expensive, white button mushrooms are affordable.   Imagine, here is a food that probably kills cancer, improves health, treats diabetes, treats obesity and lowers high blood pressure.

I tried mushrooms, and my personal experiments are that 4 button mushrooms a day, makes a difference in blood pressure.   I don’t eat mushrooms all the time, but I do like to include it in my diet, in my soups, and it works.  Great food.

Cost has been a bit of factor against going all out for mushrooms, and I have thought about ordering these grow kits and the like.  At some point, I probably will try some of these neat mushroom growing kits, maybe even in my garden.

In case you still think mushrooms are terrible, Paul Stamets has a great video, on fungi, and how they can save the world.  Mycelium are wonderful creatures and one of natures great carbondioxide sequesters.
Fungi can repell ants.  Fungi can control insects. Fungi destroys bacteria. Fungi cleans air, water, and land of dangerous chemicals.

Not only can mycelium save the planet it can save your health.   Give it a try, — try mushrooms.    Just one word of warning:  don’t go picking wild mushrooms and eating them, 1 in 7 species are highly toxic, one bite is more than enough to kill you.  Be absolutely sure of any mushroom you eat!

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