Were meds appropriately prescribed?

Q: I’m a very healthy, slim 51 year old female. My Dr just put me on 20 mg of Lisinopril and 10 mg of Zocor because my BP is between 124/77-131/81 and cholesterol is 208. I don’t think numbers like this qualify me to be on this type of serious medication but I agreed to try the meds for a month. I’ve been taking them at night for the past 4 days and I’m nauseated and very dizzy when I stand. I made an appointment with a Cardiologist for a second opinion. What is your take on this?

A: Getting a second opinion is a reasonable approach. Based on the information you have given me, it does not appear that your doctor is following nationally recognized treatment guidelines for high blood pressure (click here). However, your doctor may have felt there are other reasons to consider treatment at this point, such as diabetes, that perhaps you failed to mention.

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