The role of height and weight to bp.

Q: Is it possible that taller, larger boned guys should have a higher blood pressure than “normal”? Seems that the pressure in the arteries needs to be higher to pump the blood to the extremities. I am 6’7″ and 260lbs and in pretty good shape and my BP without meds is in the 150/90 range. I have been on meds for 20 years. When I am on meds it is 130/80. I get dizzy when I stand up but my doctor insists my BP is high and keeps me on the meds. Have there ever been studies to show if height plays a role in “normal”?

A: Normal body functions are fairly constant between body sizes. Taller adults have the same range of normal blood pressure as do shorter adults. Studies have shown it is your weight that has an impact on your blood pressure. Heavier people are more likely to develop high blood pressure.

Many people on blood pressure medicine have a problem with dizziness when they stand up suddenly. The trick is to rise up more gradually. Your doctor is following evidence based medicine guidelines by continuing to treat your high blood pressure.

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