The effects of alcohol on bp.

Q: Moderating alcohol with blood pressure problems seems logical, but does not explain the effect it has after drinking. Does your blood pressure rise only when you are drinking and then lower again after it is out of your blood stream? I enjoy drinking good wine and will occasionally have several drinks in an evening or attend a party and do the same thing. With a diuretic my pressure is 118/90. I assume it is DAILY habits with Alcohol that have the worse effects on the body. Can YOU clarify the effects on the bloodstream?

A: Actually drinking red wine daily may be beneficial to the heart. (see this article on the Mayo Clinic site) It is excessive use of alcohol that is harmful to the body. About three standard drinks will start to increase your blood pressure because the alcohol in the blood stream interferes with the way blood flows to and from the heart. The increase is temporarily unless this level of drinking becomes a habit.

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