The effect of a decongestant on people with high blood pressure.

Q: I have learned recently that certain hay fever medications that contain a decongestant can raise your blood pressure.  I have had nasal congestion for years.  A simple anti-histamine just doesn’t work like the remedies with a decongestant.  I have also had some blood pressure problems over the years.  So I am avoiding decongestants for the time being.  I am a little surprised, however, that the Pharmaceutical industry has not developed a decongestant which does not affect one’s blood pressure.  Do you have any news on the matter?

A: Depending upon what is causing your nasal congestion, you may be able to use a nose spray to control your symptoms.  The spray stays in the nasal mucosa.  The medicine is not absorbed by the body. As a result blood pressure is not affected.  Ask your doctor if a nasal spray is right for you.

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