The dangers of too many medications.

Q: I was taking Lisinipril in 2009. In November of that year I began having seizures and blackouts, some occurring while driving and others just sitting. After a MRI on my brain and multiple other tests the doctors could not find anything wrong. So I went home and threw out ALL my blood pressure medicine (3) and ALL my cholesterol medicine and pain medicine. It took two months for my urine to clear up and I have not experience any such spells afterward. I found out lisinipril is made from the venom of a Pit Viper Snake. I think I was slowly being poisoned. What do you think? I still don’t take any blood pressure meds and my blood pressure has remained normal. My cholesterol has remained normal.

A: You mention that you threw out three blood pressure medicines, pain medicine, and cholesterol medicine. That many medicines certainly can act like poison. I suspect your problem may have been related to a drug interaction. If you remember what medicines you were taking, you might want to read about possible interactions at this page on

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