Taking multiple bp readings.

Q: When you say take 3 readings and average them is this one reading after the next? My BP is always lower the secondand third reading. I take my BP with my arm resting on a pillow beside me and it checks better than when I go to the DR. where they just let your arm hang down and take it as soon as you walk to the room. THANK YOU

A: Take three consecutive readings and average them. Typically the second and third readings are lower as your body settles into the fact that blood pressure is being measured. The recommendation is to wait three to five minutes before taking blood pressure and to support the arm. For tips on taking blood pressure at home, go to this article on FamilyDoctor.org on measuring your bp at home.  I suggest you mention your observations about how the staff is taking blood pressure to your doctor.

Watch this video on checking your own blood pressure – LowerPressure.com

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