Systolic down, diastolic still up.

Q: My BP was in the 170’s over 120’s and has been reduced with lifestyle changes and lisinopril to low 140’s but over 100-110 still for diastolic. What might cause this? Are the dangers specific to a high diastolic or just the ratio being what it is with systolic and diastolic #s being closer to each other? Is there something specific I can do to improve/reduce the diastolic?

A: Your blood pressure is still not in good control. Both your systolic and diastolic pressure is still high.  Normal blood pressure is 139/79 or less.  Controlling both numbers is important.  A high level of either number increases the risk for heart attack and stroke. The exact cause of high blood pressure is still not known.  For more information go to this page at the National Heart Blood and Lung Institute site.

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