Swelling due to Losartan.

Q: I am a type 1 diabetic and my physician prescribed Losartan for blood pressure control. My calves, ankles and feet are constantly swollen, which restricts my exercise regimen. My physician has not offered a “solution.” What, if anything, can I do to alleviate the swelling?

A: You state your doctor is not offering a solution so I will assume there is no life threatening cause of your swelling such as heart, liver, or kidney failure. Have you tried support stockings? Support hosiery helps keep fluid from accumulating in your legs. Try elevating your legs when you are watching TV, reading, or on the computer. If you are aware of varicose veins on your
legs, you might want to see a vein specialist. Some varicose veins now can be treated with minimally invasive injections rather than surgery.

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