Stopping medications all at once.

Q: After taking these medications for many years, I recently resolved to somehow get off the medications. I began to halve my 7mgx2 of Moexepril to 1x a day & just neglected to take the Hydrochlorothiazide 12.5mgs 1x for about 2 weeks. One day I just had a pulsating headache & felt strangely ‘buzzed’ but not in a pleasant way. Fearful of a repeat of the sequence of events that led the Dr. to initially proscribe these Rx.’s I returned to my normal dose and within a week I was feeling much more ‘normal’. I realize that I may not have gone about this the correct way or had an adequate alternative to this taper plan. Is getting off of these meds even realistic at this point?

A: I do not know enough about you to say whether or not you ever will be able to get off your medications.  Appropriate lifestyle changes and use of the Resperate can help you at least lower the amount of medicine you need to take to be in good control.  Discuss this further with your doctor.

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