Spinal cord injuries and RESPeRATE

Q: I am a quadraplegic male and do not normally have high BP but I suffer from autonomic hyper-dysreflexia quite often. The past two months I have had several headaches with high pressures up to 220/175. I genrenally run 125/70. I have been taking 4 mg nitro tablets when I get these headaches, under my doctor’s orders. I saw a Dr today that recommended Resperate as an option for this condition and would like your opinion.

A: Hyperdysreflexia (also known as autonomic dysreflexia) is a condition where signals from nerves are blocked from reaching the brain because of spinal cord injury or disease. As a result, blood vessels constrict and blood pressure can get dangerously high. I am not aware of any studies done on the RESPeRATE and spinal cord injuries. However, it is possible regular use will help based on the interaction of breathing with the device and baroreceptors in the body. It’s always important to consult with your physician who knows your full medical history.

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